Our story

Welcome to The Willow and Birch Company! We are the mother and daughter partnership of Jan Coello and Beth Paolini. Our love of hospitality and all that is involved in creating extra special spaces to celebrate various occasions with family and friends prompted us to share some of our unique creations with you.

Jan Coello spent many years with a California boutique winery, working in visual merchandising, design, and product development. She brings the background of art and floral design to the mix, while Beth is the visionary, and driving force behind most everything we do. As a team, we seek to bring you some of the most unique gifts and home decor that you won’t find anywhere else. Each piece is hand crafted by us, and every piece is one of a kind. Though you may order the same design as another person, just as there are no two branches alike on a tree, each piece has its own unique details. We are excited to create pieces that are inspired by different chapters of our stories, and we hope that they bring a special excitement to your home and your heart as well. Thank you for visiting, come back often!

Jan and Beth